About Moonlight Inspired

Can you relate?

This guy was standing on his front steps when it began to rain, flooding, life threatening heavy rain.

Along comes a row-boat, “Come on, jump in, I’ll save you!” The man on the steps yells back through the wind and rain, “Nah, I have faith in the lord and I will wait for God to save me!”

The flood waters are rising now up to the second floor! A motor boat arrives to take him to safety, but no, he refuses the offer, “I’m waiting for God to save me!” Water now reaches the top of his home!

From his periphery he sees a helicopter coming his way. A ladder drops, but again he refuses yelling to the pilot that he is waiting for God to rescue him. The man drowns. Fast forward, the man is standing before God. Dumfounded, he asks God, “Where did I go wrong? I had complete faith, you didn’t rescue me!” “What more do you want from me?” asks God. “I sent you two boats and a helicopter?”

This was my 2011

My dog died, I lost my job and I lost my dear friend/surrogate mother. Okay, okay this was MY two boats and a helicopter! “I get the message!!! I screamed shaking my fist at the heavens. Actually, I didn’t but that sounds much more dramatic than crying over a cheap bottle of Pinot and not getting out of bed for days or showering.

I needed to make a change, and not just out of my jammies but a life change!

I went back to school, got certified as a life coach, started my coaching practice, Something Much More and got serious about reigniting my creative passion for making jewelry.

I make jewelry that you can purchase online, but I also create some pretty unique custom work, pieces that are meant to celebrate life’s most memorable moments called Life Connection Keepsakes.

I believe that honoring traditions and rituals bring families together. Life should be a fantastic chain of beautiful connections. Contact me to discuss creating a custom commemorative piece.