The Gallery highlights a ”smattering” of my work. To get the complete smatter for that matter, visit my online store! Check back often as I add new pieces to my line!

Chain Maille

Chain Maille “Healm Weave” Necklace in Gun Metal and Silver drops. This necklace can be created in your choice of ring color; Shiny silver, gun metal, gold tone or copper as well as seed bead drops!




Chain Maille Earrings in shiny silver and deep Navy Blue seed beads with a Swarovski crystal and seed bead dangle. Customizable in ring, bead and crystal colors!




Crystal Chain Maille Bracelet. This is called Ice on the Mountain. I used shiny silver rings and Montana, Topaz and Crystal AB2X Swarovskis. This bracelet can be made in any color combination of crystals and ring color from shiny silver, antique silver, gun metal, gold tone and copper!



Rings of Saturn Chain Maille Bracelet. This example uses shiny silver rings and Amathyst seed beads. This bracelet can also be customized to your preference of ring and seed bead color.

Beautiful one of a kind pieces that everyone compliments and asks where I got them“~BB



Kumihimo – Japanese Braiding

8-Warp or Round Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet. This bracelet is called “Maya” because it was made on the beautiful Maroma Beach in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. You can customize beed colors, dangles or not!




10-Warp or Flat Braided Kumihimo Bracelet or Single Strand Chocker! Braided in a variety of fall colors and clasp dangle adorned. The total length is 16 inches allowing for a double wrap bracelet or you can easily single wrap around your neck as a chocker…two in one! Colors may be customized!



Shambala Bracelet- “To exist in a place of peace”

Etched Jade and Copper Leather Shambala Bracelet. This bracelet is not only spiritual but also adjustable. Using a macramae technique of square knotting, round beads are then strung together to create this beautiful piece! Leather or cord and bead color and sizes may be customized



Celebration Shambala Bracelet. This is ”community conditioned” hand made clay beads. This bracelet can be created to celebrate and honor any of life’s most memorable moments! I use polymer clay that is “conditioned” by the recipient or a significant group of people coming together, such as religous rites of passage; Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Marriage/Unioin or a Croning Celebration, beads are created and strung to form the Shambala, a piece “wear” you hold your community close.


Sticks and Stones and a Variety of Other Amazing “Stuff”

Here is an assortment of work using minerals, crystals, wood, fabric and pearls. Some are even “repurposed” materials that I have rejuvenated, reinvigorated and reincarnated into another “life!”


Wood and Seed Bead Shambala Bracelet. Black leather cord is macramae tied around wooden beads to form this adjustable bracelet.



Birds Eye Jasper Wrap Bracelet. A chunky, what I call “Wilma” bracelet…remember Mrs. Flinstone? This is a beautiful chunky stone in a myriad of earthy colors woven onto tye dyed ribbon with a brass chain extender.



Chain, Charms and Crystals

Chain, Crystals, and Charm Necklace. I use a variety of different Czech and Swarovski crystals to highlight and add sparkle to many pieces. Metal tones of silver, copper and brass are my primary choices when selecting chain and charms.

“I’ve bought several pieces and I love all of them. Each is one of a kind and I’m able to express my unique personality through the jewerly“~ GB


Mustard and Fall Leaf Rust Paper Earrings. These light weight but sturdy as all “you know what” beads are made of paper! You will see these paper beads used in necklaces, bracelets and earrings.



Life Connection Keepsake Pendant in Pearl. Using repurposed fresh water pearls that were given to me by the family of my dear friend who passed away in December of 2011, I created a memorial piece to honor her elegant spirit.  When cremains/ashes are not an option, small round jewels, minerals and crystals may be used to represent the life that this tree is honoring.


Polymer Clay                                                          

Clay, Crystal and Pearl Tree of Life Pendant. A tree created to honor my Mom who passed away from Mesothelioma, Asbestos cancer in 2003. She was born in the month of May so I decided to use her birthstone, Emerald to reflect her significance in her Tree of Life. This tree incorporates Emerald Swarovski pearls and crystals as well as hand made polymer clay “leaf” beads  wired worked into her tree.

Pam’s jewelry is delightful.  I bought a Tree of Life pendant a few months ago, and it’s one of my favorite pieces.  It’s well crafted and beautiful, and it’s made in a spirit of joy and (in the case of this particular necklace) healing.  Every time I wear it I feel a little wave of peace and good energy wash over me.” ~ JC


Though Their Eyes Tempered Glass Mosaic Pendant. Either a beautiful pendant created with tempered glass or this may be an option when available…I can use eye glasses of your loved one who’s glasses were made of shatter proof glass. Tiny pieces of glass, photos, dried flowers or other significant “memorables” create a mosaic almost stained glass appearance held in a bezel in either silver, gold or copper base metals.

The “Glass Night” necklace still takes my breath away every time I look at it, just like it did the first time I laid eyes on it.  It is like having a little piece of a beautiful rose window from a cathedral with you when you are wearing it.” ~ LT


“Schmatah” Rag T-Shirt Fringe Scarf. An example of repurposing, being green and fashionable! This scarf can be worn doubled or single and long, gathered and tied. Many wearable options. You can buy this embelished or as is. Embelishing adds some random large glitzy beads.


Wire Crochet Bracelet. Silver wire with silver beads and stones crocheted onto and into this bracelet with an over sized button closure.