I’m Pam Kaplan!

Back in the 70’s I was a torn jeans wavy big-haired, orange juice can at the top of my head as a curler teen who attempted to make her hair straight (but heaven forbid it was humid outside in Chicago) girl who I loved making jewelry; maybe you remember liquid silver and pukka shells? I spent whatever change I could scrounge together of my $1.79 per hour (yes, that was minimum wage back then) job to buy supplies to craft necklaces and bracelets. I sold a lot of my work and was able to buy my first car, a VW 412 in beautiful silver. I was proud of myself. It felt great!

Well, marriage, kids, career and a yellow Lab named Roxy, (who took the name hit for my daughter whose father desperately wanted to name  HER Roxanne, but no way was I going to have her listen to that one line from the Police song screeching out at her “Roxanne!” No way!!!) took me down a different path.

I went corporate for over 30 years. I commuted five days a week and at least three hours a day. I barely saw my family awake and when I would leave for work in the dark morning, my goodbye kiss normally came from the dog.

Life got mundane.

Without much creativity in my work, I NEEDED to go find some. Through a good friend and a great bead store north of Chicago, my addiction was reawakened. I was spending all of my not so free time stringing and wiring.

I was selling bracelets, earrings and necklaces to co-workers and friends, so much that I created a little business {TONGUE IN CHEEK ALERT!!!} called, The Bored Executives Jewelry.

Well, the Universe works in funny ways, it obviously heard my cry for creative help! November of 2011 I was downsized, lost my job of 32 years. There went the cushy salary!

Devastated and depressed, I didn’t leave my bed; I cried and drank for about a day. I thought my life was over. The self-pity didn’t last long, it only felt like it at the time…

I realized through working with my coach that I was meant to do the things I loved, so I hit the RESTART button, went back to school and got my certification in life coaching, started my business, Something Much More and I decided that creating jewelry is going to be a serious business, not just a hobby.

But what would set me apart from others? How could I be different from all the Etsy/Ebay sellers? I loved making trendy, cool “WOW” pieces…but I also wanted to create heart-felt pieces, the kind that struck an emotional chord. Enter, Life Connection Keepsakes and Roxy’s Tree!

Want to see more? Great — go shopping here!