Roxy’s Tree

Roxy’s Tree is a memorial to my yellow Lab crafted with my heart and soul.

Like no other bond, the love and connection is eternal. My heart still hurts, but I was fortunate to be a part of her life for almost 17 years. She was one of the kids who transformed into this amazing maternal being, protective of me and any ice-cube in sight. A real chow hound that appreciated a good bowl of kibble.

When I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and fibromyalgia, Roxy became my walking partner. For many years, she got me up and out of the house for an hour a day. Rain or snow, Roxy loved her walk. I’d marvel at her shadow gracefully leading the way as we would do our nightly walk, tail wagging every step.

My friend began to show signs of aging, her muzzle still creamy but getting a little whiter over time. Her eyes getting cloudy, she slept more and more. I knew her hearing was starting fade when I would no longer be greeted by the happy yellow dog at the garage door when I came home from work, but I was still so grateful for every shedding hair on her lovable body.

She passed on January 31st, 2011. We were all present to send her off to the Rainbow Bridge. The hardest thing I ever experienced. I missed her terribly. I needed more than that just that blue velvet box of Rox sitting on my night stand. I wanted a memorial that I could carry with me on solo walks.

I researched memorial jewelry but nothing resonated. I had to craft this on my own. Roxy would become my first Life Connection Keepsake!

Using a small amount of her ashes and polymer clay, I created small beads as leaves to be wire worked into a tree with an organic attitude. A tree that I could wear as a pendant, to hold in my hands when I got quiet and want to remember. I sometimes hang this pendant in my office as sun catcher remembering that one of her favorite pastimes was lazily sunning herself in her backyard. I miss her, I always will, but now I have her close to my heart again.

I would be honored to custom-make a tree for you. Together we craft the perfect keepsake, a Life Connection Keepsake.

Please contact me to discuss the many options.